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Since 1992, the Ohio Law Firm of Morscher Straka LLC has represented individuals and businesses with concerns locally and nationwide. Applying a high level of personal attention and energy, we handle most legal matters with particular experience in business matters, landlord-tenant relations, probate estates, criminal cases as well as personal injuries. Over sixty years of combined legal experience are dedicated to the succesful resolution of your case. When we are hired to do a job, we always see the job through.  


-Attorneys At Law-

11711 Lorain Ave., Suite 56

Cleveland, Ohio 44111-5444

Tel : 216.941.5566 

Fax : 216.941.5177

Roy C. Morscher

Attorney since 1992

Joseph J. Straka

Attorney since 1992

The attorneys of Morscher Straka LLC are licensed to practice in all Ohio Courts as well as Federal Court. We are active in over 7 County and 30 Municipal Court systems and handle cases throughout the State and even matters that extend beyond Ohio's border.   

Our practice includes the collection of debts. In those cases, we are a debt collector. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.